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I know this isn't a problem, but I need to post it. 69 Reasons to date a sailor.


1. We have strong hands
2. We’re not afraid to get wet
3. We love it when it blows
4. We can go for hours
5. We know what to do when things get rough
6. We are good with ropes, knots, and harnesses.
7. We can usually get it back up after a couple of minutes.
8. Any misdemeaners can be…


Needing a new bailer but hating Arizona Green Tea.


I want to wear cute dresses with belts. I want to wear flowers in my hair. I want to have a braid run down my back. I want to take pictures in the mountains. I want to be out in the sun. I want to just live a life that’s carefree.

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When a friend dies and you aren’t right next to them when they pass, it’s so much harder to realize they are gone.